Friday, 27 January 2017

Nalsarovar Bird Century

The season is of birds ...
We all know that Millions of birds visit the bird sanctuary in winter and spring. It harbors over 250 species of wetland birds. Winter migrants from the north including purple moorhen, pelicans, lesser and greater flamingos, white storks, four species of bitterns, crakes, grebes, brahminy ducks and herons visit Nal Sarovar.(wiki).

My trip was very short as we were going for one day picnic near by.  7 o clock we started from Ahmedabad. We hired a mini bus and the below view is from the bus.
I was eager to see sunrise but due to clouds I was not able to see.

Still, I can see the beautiful Sun, its rays passing through clouds.

Here we entered the Site

I was excited to see birds of different spices
Finally we have reached the place.
There is entry fee, and we can bargain with boat persons also.
They told us that they will give us long ride if we pay Rs12000/-
We all were shocked to here the amount, we thought to first take small ride first.
as our pocket don't allow to spend so much.
The boat started to float, beautiful view..
my eyes were searching of any kind of birds if I can see, but I can see only black ducks.


We are not able to see birds we really wanted.
Under water plants

Unfortunately,  No birds we saw. Really so bad. I felt so bad, no birds we waited there for more than 2 hours... But